Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now the long run to Denver from St Louis

The gang is back together!

After the high-speed tests at Nardo, Bertone added these small lexan aerodynamic devices right in front of the front wheels. Helps with aerodynamics above 200 mph. Alas, they are also VERY low. Thanks to Glenn and his ever-ready duct tape, we're ready to go! Yes, we're fixing a unique $2 million show car with duct tape outside of the hotel. First class all the way, baby.

The top of the Bertone Mantide is all clear plastic and glass; great for seeing the sights, and less great crossing Kansas. Glenn of Arabia was the lucky driver for this stint.

I cannot believe that these guys have never had the world's best fried chicken. So we stopped for dinner in Topeka, KS. Nom nom nom.

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