Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey, Nirvana on Day 2. Who'da thunk it?

[yeah, I'm new to this blogging game. Couldn't get Picasa to export more than four photos per blog post, so I broke up today's recounting into multiple posts. Read all of today's posts if you want the full scoop....]

As expected, Skyline was stunning. Vistas opened up on either side of the road, and we stopped at plenty of overlooks for photos and just to gape. Our average speed to Skyline was great, and now it was plummeting, but we didn't care.

At the 60 mile marker, a ranger pulled out right behind us. Doh! Speed limits are strictly enforced here, and while we were being very, very cognizant of traffic and tourists (e.g., no passing), on deserted sections we did hit 60-65 mph for a few straight stretches.

The ranger then proceeded to follow us for THIRTY MILES, at 25-30 mph. Ouch. Still, he never did pull us over, so we're counting our lucky stars. And even at this slower pace, we were able to enjoy the sun setting over our right and the moon rising to our left.

After exiting Skyline Drive, we decided to continue South on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No longer monitered by the rangers (we thought), and well into deep dusk, it was time to pick up the pace.
As Dan said later, it was transcendent. I thought it was nirvana; we spotted all of 4 oncoming cars, bi-xenon headlights cutting through the rising gloom, top and windows down, the ripping sounds of Italian engines, and a winding, rolling ribbon of pavement ahead. Nirvana.

After making it back to the highway, our intrepid gourmands end up having an admittedly delicious dinner at Burger King while gassing up the cars. We felt we were the "kings" of the road today (ouch).
Oh, and where IS that Bertone? It's still in a box, though it's kicking to get out. And it's getting sick of Gromper keeschelche. Stay tuned.

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