Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flying BACK east. Huh?

Ok, trying to catch up. Sorry, this will be quick, as we've got driving to do!

Tuesday morning, Dan and I got onto a private plane for Teterboro airport outside of NY, so we could pick up the Mantide. It had been in Italy for high speed tests at the Nardo racetrack. It was supposed to be shipped from Luxembourg to NY by last week, but the shipper lost the paperwork and it didn't arrive until this past Sunday.

Should we delay our trip? Of course not! Revised plan - leave as scheduled, then Dan and I would return to NY to retrieve the Mantide, then blast across the country to meet up with Glenn and Mark in St Louis.

The car was shipped in a custom built crate. So well protected, I think it could have been flipped over without any damage to the car.

In beautiful, scenic Bayonne NJ.

The uncrating process was started by three guys and a forklift; by the end of the 2.5 hour task, the entire warehouse staff was working on it. Clock is ticking, boys!

Almost there! It's like the best Christmas present ever....

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