Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally getting on the road! Long cannonball run to St Louis

We left Bayonne NJ at 4:30 pm, just in time to catch the start of rush hour. Grrr. We averaged 45 mph for NJ and the first part of PA, not great.

The interestate in Western PA had some interesting roads cutting through the mountains, but then we hit Ohio and it became flaaaaaaat. Given Ohio's reputation, our average speed, uh, dropped.

We each did a 300+ mph stint, then the stints got shorter. 973 miles between the warehouse and the Ritz Carlton, St Louis.

The heads-up-display projects the speed (and engine RPM, lateral G's, etc.) onto the windshield, so it appears to be floating on the road above you. The dash contains a Magnetti Marelli race car dash display (used in the Ferrari FXX).

Gourmet dinner at 4:00 am somewhere in Indiana.

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