Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Late post later

Sorry, all - Dan and I just rolled into St Louis after a long day. Will post details later. Summary: woke up in Nashville, private plane took us back to NY, went to warehouse to collect Mantide, waited 2.5 hours for it to be uncrated, then just started driving West. 14 hours total, including 1+ hour for dinner and gas stops and rush hour traffic in NJ. Arrived here at Ritz Carlton St Louis at 645 am EDT. Bed now, and doing some press in two hours. Argh. Pics of uncrating are on FB. Tweets from the road below. Full post later:

box is finally unwrapped. Almost ready to hit the road again.

This thing is gobsmacking to behold in person.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is staring at this thing. More attention than a naked Megan Fox in a pink caddy convertible

Avg 45 mph In traffic. Glenn: "is that thing a Mantide or a Mopede?"

# of cell phone shots of us in 2.5 hours: 1786 and counting n

Did 308.7 miles of 309 in 6th gear. Enough torque for 35 mph to 128 mph.

Stopping for gas in Indiana. Dan just did 154 mi at 74.7 mph. Getting a wee bit tired.

Just finished my first stint. 309 miles in 3.8 hours, 80.5 mph avg. Pretty damn good consid bulk was Ohio.Making up for rush hour jam start

Crossed the Mississippi at 6:27 am EDT. Whew. Did my last stint, averaged 77.7 mph for 216 miles. Wee bit tired.

Arrived at Ritz Carlton STL. VERY nice. We're all in club rooms. Sweet. Good cookies. Off to bed (after posting pics, natch).

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