Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our full cross-country route depicted on Google Maps

Interested in exactly what roads we took? Here's the complete route for Dan and Dennis, 4,643 miles. It includes the 953 miles that Dan and Dennis drove from Bayonne, NJ to St Louis, MO, after they flew from Nashville back to NY to pick up the Bertone Mantide after it was released by customs.

[EDIT: because I *am* that obsessive-compulsive, I added...]

Includes the route that Mark and Glenn took from Nashville to St Louis to meet us, and now also includes the excursion Mark took on Days 6-7 up to Salt Lake City from Arches National Park to drop off Nathaniel --- and drive the 612 Scaglietti on the Bonneville Salt Flats! Finally, this now also has the 250 miles I drove to get from the Boston area down to NYC for the kick-off dinner, including the stop in Framingham, MA to pick up the custom Bertone Mantide cake and dropping it off at Alfredo's of Rome.

But it still doesn't show the 22+ extra miles resulting from us doing the Tail of the Dragon three times over!

I strongly suggest that you click through to see it all in a full Google Maps page (note that the route is laid out on two pages in the frame on the left-side of the page). Enjoy!

View Supercars Across America - full route map in a larger map

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  1. Dennis - great reporting from the Disney Cruise Ship. ABC 15, Phoenix, Arizona, linked to your tweet of the man overboard. Glad all is well.